eHG gold medal operation

Build a best company

We are committed to solving a series of arduous global challenges such as energy efficiency, clean energy, safety, security, and globalization.

We strive to make the company better every day to provide better service to our employees, customers and suppliers. eHG Gold Medal Operations incorporates major business management processes, aiming to create best practice company, continue to develop better products, provide better experience, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Our major business groups have established  eHG Gold Business departments globally, combining the speed and customer response of small companies with the cost, efficiency, and technology advantages of large companies to achieve breakthrough growth.

The eHG user experience provides customers, service personnel, installers, and employees with solutions that are easier to use, install, and maintain.

Software is increasingly important in our field of software-driven physical products, interconnect solutions, and simulation tools. In the field of software, eHG pursues excellence and the highest standards.This not only improves the company's level and capabilities, it also enhances the competitive advantage of the software team, and it also enables the company to stand out in the industry in terms of operations and customer satisfaction.

Rapid product development enables R&D, production, and sales departments to work together to quickly and efficiently develop innovative technologies to ensure that we can quickly produce more affordable products than our competitors.

The eHG operating system allows us to continuously improve our safety, quality, delivery, cost, and inventory management, enabling our company to gain a competitive advantage over its peers for 20 years. Continuous upgrading is the core of the eHG operating system. Our employees are fully empowered to find and exploit opportunities, develop and deploy our leading practice results, and thus further advance our company.

The lean philosophy aims to continuously optimize company operations, shorten production cycles, and better respond to customer needs.