Thermostatic Air System

Covering central air conditioning VRV system ( including wall-mounted air conditioning ), ground heating system and ground source heat pump system.

Users can choose three kinds of opening modes: ① when they reach the designated room, the system will automatically open and reach the comfortable temperature. ② set time period and switch automatically to reach comfortable temperature. ③coordinating multiple systems to work at the same time, and rapidly cooling and heating.

A smart thermostat is a thermostat that you can control via your smartphone. These devices provide you with the convenience of controlling them anywhere in the world.

eHG Smart thermostats allow you to do things like ensure your house is the perfect temperature without ever having to physically touch the thermostat.

A smart thermostat also allows you to truly control your smart home’s energy usage. If a window is opened, it can shut off making sure not to waste heat or AC. No more worrying about if you left the thermostat on when you went on vacation or to work! You can easily shut it off remotely from your phone saving you even more on your homes’energy bills