Intelligent dedusting system

More than 90% people spend their time indoors. Studies have shown that the air pollution at homes and office is about 100 times of outdoor. Viruses and bacteria can enter our bodies through breath, and our skin.

We know that 65% to 75% of all infections and allergies are related to indoor dust. Therefore, a healthy home must be equipped with an efficient central vacuum system to remove indoor dust and bacteria adsorbed on the dust.

The central vacuum system is composed of a vacuum host, pipe network, vacuum socket, and vacuum components. The vacuum host is placed in the building's engine room, balcony, garage, and equipment room (or outdoor). The host computer passes through the network management and each room. It is tailor-made by the United States Amy Dege LAMB is about 5 times the normal vacuum cleaner to meet the dust removal requirements of various environmental conditions.

The suction mouth is connected, and when the cleaning work is performed, the suction assembly is inserted into the suction mouth, and harmful gas and dust are passed through the vacuum suction pipe to suck harmful dust inside the bag into a large-capacity garbage bag.

5 major features:

Quite: The host is far away from the living space, no noise during use.

Clean and efficient: Efficient removal of dust, bacteria, microorganisms, pet dander, etc.The dust is stored in the main pipe by the host, and the vacuum is separated and the exhaust process eliminates the secondary pollution so that the indoor and outdoor spaces can be fresh and healthy.

Lightweight: The hose can be remotely controlled by inserting the hose into the suction valve, and the professional self-cleaning filter system reduces the use cost

Use in different type of buildings : Can be widely used for dust removal in different places such as houses, hotels, hospitals, offices, factories, etc.

Versatile: Equipped with various interfaces for dust removal items such as automobiles, computers, pets, radiators, carpets, floors, and cloths.