Smart visual intercome access control system provide you with peace of mind security allowing you to know who is coming and going from your home.

Once all devices are connected to the smart host, you now can remotely access and moniter your house from anywhere in the world.

Visual Intercom Access Control System

1. At home, visitors can call the indoor unit through the front door to make a video intercom and determine the visitor's identity.
2.When you are not at home, you can set out the transfer mode, you can also use mobile phones to talk to visitors. You can use your phone to remote control to open the door.
3. When you at home, you can use a cell phone to remotely open the door. You can also open the door by passwords, human biometric fingerprints, or facial recognition.
The access control system can be used in combination with background music to make different music playbacks, turn on lights, turn on television, control any device, and so on, making home life more personalized.