Clubhouse Solution

Smart face recognition:
eHG smart face recognition system can distinguish between VIP customers and troublemakers. Clubs are clearly benefit from knowing who their customers are and by acting on relevant data analytics that enables them to provide the highest possible personalized customer service creating greater loyalty. Seeing the effect that social media and marketing initiatives have on footfall and the demographic nature of their customers is another key metric. Recording staff working hours using is a benefit as well as ensuring troublemakers are identified and managed effectively.

Intelligent lighting ,shade and aircon system:
Our automated lighting, shade, and aircon control systems will also see your clubhouse energy consumption significantly lowered. Our extensive range of on demand lighting solutions, lighting fixtures can be turned off or just dimmed when a hallway is unoccupied, and return to their normal operation state when approached by guests or staffs.
Facilities: Whether it is a swimming pool, a gym, a spa & sauna, eHG can customize a solution to automate everything from lights to shades to aircons to increase energy efficiency and your guest comfort.

Smart Audio and Video System:
Professional audio system that delivers precise audio and superior sonic depth. Designed to deliver deep bass notes and rich, nuanced sound, our collection makes it easy to hear your favourite TV shows, classic movies, blockbuster films, and documentaries in cinema-quality sound.
Professional video system: eHG’s acoustic technology and development into our award-winner home theater systems to give you an intense, fun experience every time they watch a movie or listen to their music. We put more than 70 years of acoustic technology and development.